Coatings business

We create and launch products in the sphere of coatings starting with the production of paints and varnishes and sophisticated engineering solutions and ending with marketing and training programs.

  • coatings
Companies and brands per business area
  • EPIO Industrial

    EPIO Industrial is a multifaceted business platform in the area of pretreatment, painting, repairing, and protecting various kinds of surfaces.

    Latvia, Belarus
  • EPIO Engineering

    EPIO Engineering is one of EPIO Industrial’s key business areas geared towards producing design solutions and supplying equipment and tools for pretreating and painting metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, wood, and composite materials.

    Belarus, Russia, Ukrain, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
  • Chemie Armor

    Chemie Armor offers effective solutions for industrial painting of metal and plastic products.
    Using cutting-edge world technologies, EPIO proprietary facility produces high-tech coatings for metals and plastics, as well as paints and varnishes – Chemie Armor.

    Belarus, Russia, Ukrain, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
  • Europroject Trading

    Expert in supplying integrated solutions: from designing turn-key painting and bodywork shops, providing consulting support and technological support, specialist training programs to commissioning facilities with a full set of materials and services, logistic and marketing support in compliance with the most rigorous and highest quality standards.

    Belarus, Russia
  • TrueFactory

    True Factory is a partnership program geared towards creating an ecosystem and enabling effective interaction between the main players of the woodworking industry.

    Minsk, Belarus