OST Company specializes in supplying integrated solutions for equipping painting enterprises and accomplishing the tasks involved in pretreating and painting any types of surfaces.

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Company specialization
  • Complex equipment for paint shops

    All kinds of paintwork, abrasives, polishes, accompanying materials, equipment and tools

  • Technological and service support

    Consultation and selection of technological solutions for the preparation and coloring of various types of surfaces

  • Color match service

    Tinting of any amount of material: RAL catalogue and sample selection


The company imports paints and varnishes, tools, and accessories in Kazakhstan.
We specialize in industrial pretreatment and painting of wood, in integrated solutions for painting enterprises, in supplying equipment and tools for automobile bodywork shops, woodworking and metalworking industries.

Key people
  • Максим Лашин
    Maxim Lashin

Our areas of focus cover all activities related to pretreating and painting any kinds of surfaces:

  • woodworking and furniture industries (Sayerlack, Borma);
  • metalworking industry (Chemie Armor, SOLID);
  • automobile repairs and painting of commercial vehicles, military and freight transport (SOLID), OneTech, Chemie Armor).
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