The first virtual monument to the Belarusian IT specialist in Europe appeared in the center of Minsk.

The monument near the house on Komsomolskaya Street 12 is an 80cm cube, where you can download the QR code from the App Store or Google Play application Minsk Monument AR, point the camera at the cube and see the virtual Belarusian IT guy – “as wise as the eagle-eagle owl, and as severe as the administrator who reinstalled your Windows in the early 2000s. He’s got a grip on the mouse and is looks ten steps forward. Night is his time.
The unveiling of the monument with the cutting of the network cable was timed to coincide with System Administrator Day, which is celebrated on July 26. 
Development of the monument and applications to it were engaged in and ILab.

Task came up with the idea to perpetuate the image of the Belarusian IT guy. The team liked the idea very much and we joined in. “Hoster had already branded the image of sysadmin-soup before, so it provided us with sketches, and we translated it all into 3D.  


The art object was created on the Unity platform used to develop 2D and 3D applications and games. The monument was put into virtual reality with the help of the AR Foundation tool – it significantly expands the park of devices, with the help of which you can see the installation. The most difficult was to place the object in the space in such way that it was displayed correctly in terms of size, scale, anchor point, as well as optimization for the largest number of devices.

The development was carried out by two programmers and two 3D-designers. The work took about four months. It may seem that this is too long for such a project, but during the development process new ideas appeared and time was spent on their implementation. All the technical implementation was on our side. Due to the fact that such an AR-memorial had not been installed anywhere yet, we first carried out R&D: to determine the technology that would give more coverage on devices and visualization. We tried geo-referenced, geolocation and other solutions. But in the end, we decided on the AR Foundation.
“Every country has a national heritage or brand – something that the country is known for beyond its borders. In recent years, Belarus has taken a huge step forward to the status of the technological center of Europe. Belarusian IT products are used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. IT is the most developing segment of the Belarusian economy. But it turns out that the Belarusian IT specialist does not have the status of a hero. We decided to fix it and put up a real monument to him. It is clear that such a monument is unlikely to be made of bronze, plaster or stone. It should be as digital as the results of the works of an IT specialist. That’s why we are opening Europe’s first monument in augmented reality,” said Roman Selcheonok, Marketing Director at