Spetsbudmash: What do you need to know about the company

For 15 years now, PJSC SpetsBudMash has been working on the production of municipal, military, construction and road equipment and spare parts for it. Every year the production is scaled up and developed, introducing innovative tools for work.

Few interesting facts

Spetsbudmash is one of the few enterprises that develops and produces popular models of equipment.
The factory’s products can rightfully compete with European analogues, because they are adapted to the majority of European, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian cars and dump trucks.
The equipment has already proved its reliability in works from sweeping of roads and snow removal to distribution of salt and anti-icing mixtures.
The structure of the factory is notable for the fact that it has a unique for Ukraine design office, which includes engineers, programmers and designers.

Chemie Armor and Spetsbudmash: Results of collaboration

Our collaboration began in the spring of 2019 with Chemie Armor’s renowned range of paint finishes for metalwork, aggregates and parts for Graco’s revolutionary electrostatic spraying equipment Graco ProXP. This special equipment is notable for its high decorative properties of the finished coating, while maximizing material savings. This technique has been tested at one location, but is currently under negotiation for its use in a second production area. Over the years, we have been able to replace our Airsprayers with 6 innovative DURR EcoGun 116 sprayers. We have also been able to provide the division with all the necessary consumables for prepainting.