The main products of Niva are mechanized equipment for underground mining.
As a result of its active position in the market, a small narrow profile enterprise has grown into a highly professional machine-building business that cooperates with global mining companies. "Niva-Holding is continuously developing and improving its products through modernization of production and finishing methods.

One of the development stages was the 2018 tender announced for the development and supply of equipment for the surface preparation and painting line for hydraulic cylinders.

When designing the painting line, the following requirements had to be taken into account:

  • washing and degreasing chamber made of stainless steel;
  • spray booth, for painting parts;
  • spray dryer, parts dryer;
  • equipment energy efficiency.

The Epio Engineering solution and the selection of equipment manufacturers made it possible to implement all the tasks with the most attractive project price against the background of numerous proposals submitted for tender.

The project included:

  • maximum product dimensions: length 1500 mm, diameter 325 mm, weight up to 570 kg;
  • small size of the room and a functioning bridge crane;
  • requirements for pre-preparation, degreasing, technology for painting parts;
  • a drying zone equipped with a storage device, which has increased productivity and reduced energy costs;
  • a conveyor system with manual handling and storage, which allowed the product to be painted on all sides, prepared and dried several products simultaneously;
  • increased energy efficiency through the use of a heat recovery unit.

In addition to the completed technological tasks, the tasks of improving working conditions, improving product quality were solved by: effective lighting; active ventilation; quality filtration of removed air.
The operating equipment designed and set by Epio Engineering is actively used by the enterprise and allows to expand possibilities of manufactures.
Epio Engineering thanks «Niva» — «Mining equipment plant» for the trust in choosing as a supplier of equipment and hopes for further mutually beneficial cooperation.