The Artebona brand develops and manufactures designer furniture made of solid wood of the highest grades in combination with natural and environmentally friendly materials using metal and reinforced glass.

Why is this furniture so popular?

The secret of Artebona’s success is that the creative team constantly monitors fashion trends, analyzes customer demand and creates furniture in the most popular styles — country, provençon, classic and loft. Our client does not stop there and develops incredibly creative and ultramodern models.
In the process of cooperation with Artebona it became clear that there is a need for finishing materials based on natural oils. They had to meet the basic requirements of the customer — application in 1 layer, drying time before storage of no more than 2-4 hours, resistance to stains, reasonable price.

What way out?

At that time, there was no product in the standard line of BormaWachs materials that met all these criteria. But the technologists from Europroject Center managed to solve this problem by developing the necessary product on the basis of natural oils from the BormaWachs line. Thus, by means of testing and development a complicated technological problem was solved.