How Europroject Center breathed a second life into Dream Design

«Dream Design» — the company is engaged in production of cabinet and office furniture, film and plastic, facades for furniture, interior doors, wall panels, countertops made of different materials, covers. The company includes six operating production halls: metalworking area, sewing, laser and knitting areas, production areas for individual and cabinet furniture.

History of cooperation

The change in Dream Design’s management was a powerful push to start cooperation with Europroject Center. By that time, a number of problems had already formed at the company, which should have been resolved as soon as possible:

  • there were no qualified managerial personnel (technologist, head of production);
  • low quality materials were used;
  • lack of quality equipment for painting and product preparation;
  • process disruption;/li>
  • the use of improper materials for this type of finish;
  • lack of technological support from competitors.

Results and plans for the future

As a result of joint work the painting and grinding equipment has been updated, materials for finishing have been selected for cleaner orders, tests with demonstration of our materials and measurement of all indicators have been carried out, training sessions on finishing have been held, tables with price and consumption of materials have been developed to simplify the calculation of prime cost, recommendations on re-equipment of painting and grinding areas have been given.
Work with the client continues. In the future, it is planned to re-equip the preparation area, install the paint booth and implement the True Factory program.