On October 16-19, a specialized exhibition of furniture, materials and components was held in Belarus.

The 26th International Exhibition of Furniture, Materials, Components and Equipment for Furniture Manufacturing was held in Minsk. We couldn’t ignore this important event, because the partner company of Europroject Center, BAMI LLC, took part in the exhibition.

Why did the products cause a real stir?

There are many purposes to attend such events. This is an opportunity to present products to the general public, thus winning new customers, and the analysis of competitors, and acquaintance with new products in the industry. This time the collection of facades became a novelty, in the development of which the leading technologist of the EOC Alexander Gribanov took part. The collection presents both the variants of finishing, the most popular in the market, and new trends:

  • deep matte enamels in muted tones;
  • two-color finish;
  • high gloss veneer lacquer;
  • Pole (or golden patina) finish on the profile of frame-filench construction.

The stand attracted attention not only of buyers but also of students of the specialty «Furniture Design» of the Belarusian State Technological University, who studied modern technologies of finishing on the example of facades from BAMI.
Attention to the collection on the part of key market players confirms that the reliance on the use of premium class paintwork of Sayerlack brand, high requirements for the quality of finishing of their products, monitoring of trends, as well as cooperation with Europroject Center, allows the company to stand out from the competition.

The role of TrueFactory

The success of the EPC-BAMI collaboration was enhanced by the TrueFactory program: its employees prepared a banner emphasizing the quality of the manufacturer’s products and the participation of TF specialists in the debugging of technological processes in the company. The post about the BAMI stand was placed in TrueFactory social networks in VKontakte, Instagram and Facebook, where it was read by more than 61 thousand people! The company, impressed by the capabilities of Europroject Center, decided to join the TrueFactory program in order to closely cooperate, continuously develop and strengthen its position in the furniture market.