Within the framework of cooperation with the importer «Renault Ukraine» three audits on three key services were conducted: «SOLL-PLUS HARKOV», "SOLL-PLUS POLTAVA «and «Y.R.K. Lviv».

What were the main objectives of the audits

  • Analysis of the arrangement and working processes of the paint shop.
  • Determination of the level of qualification of the specialists of the painting area, as well as the receptionists.
  • Analysis of technical processes of preparation and painting, used paintwork and equipment.

And let’s separate the main task — determination of the maximum potential of productivity in several planes

  • under current conditions;
  • at the highest possible load.

All the data obtained became the basis for creating a plan for optimizing the IWC. The Renault experts, together with our colleagues from EPIO Europroject, have prepared an individual production optimisation plan.

What’s already done?

The first stage was the presentation of the IWC optimization plan to increase productivity with the participation of the importer’s management «Renault Ukraine». The plan was approved and put into operation.
The second stage will be the presentation of optimization plans for business owners.