The furniture factory «Svisloch» is engaged in manufacture and sale of furniture under individual orders.
The company operates since 2012, and is equipped with high-precision equipment with digital control from leading German and Italian manufacturers. One of the main tasks of the factory — to produce high quality products!

How does this task work?

The furniture factory «Svisloch» uses in production of its furniture only proven raw materials and components of world brands such as THERMOPAL, REHAU, Swiss concern KRONO, Austrian concern Egger, Blum.
The chamber for painting MDF and massif products is equipped according to modern standards with the use of paint materials from the famous Italian manufacturer Sayerlack. This allows the company to take another step forward by providing the market with exclusive collections of furniture.
The factory has its own workshop for the production of products from the array. In the manufacture of furniture facades used wood oak, ash, alder.

«Europroject Center and Svisloch.» 5 years of cooperation

It all started in 2015, when the factory was just launching its activities in the field of painting furniture. At this stage of cooperation, many different materials from leading manufacturers of paints and coatings were tried out. Later on, the factory underwent internal changes, which entailed a search for stability and improved quality in furniture production. The solution was unambiguous: cooperation with «Europroject Center» and specifically with the manufacturer Sayerlack.
As a result of close work with managers and technologists of Europroject Center, significant changes have taken place in production:
— the right process was built in the paint shop;
— the production facilities were equipped with modern painting and grinding equipment;
— the introduction of quality paint materials into the production process was carried out;
— correct and prompt work has been done to supply the production with both paint and grinding materials;
— constant technological support has started to be provided.
At this stage, we are working together to introduce new models of furniture.

Interim results and plans for the future

Over the entire period of cooperation between the companies, a huge amount of work has been done, which continues to bear fruit and encourage us to move forward. Furniture factory «Svisloch» has its own showroom and designers who closely cooperate with the company «Europroject Center».

In the future, the development of unique samples for the production of furniture, training of factory employees in the training centers of the company «Europroject Center», the joint growth of companies, as well as the implementation of True Factory program.