The TrueFactory project team has developed the course «Paints and varnishes — what a furniture sales manager should know».

What this course is about

The training course is aimed at employees of customer departments of furniture companies, who often face situations when customers need to explain the benefits of certain types of paints and give competent advice on their performance.

Not only technical details, but trends as well

The program of the course deals with the fashion for color and acceptable level of gloss of paint coatings, analyzes trends in furniture decoration. A list of performance characteristics of coatings that are most important to the end user is given, methods of measurement and description of these characteristics, requirements of regulatory documents to the quality of coatings are described.

Resolution of controversial situations

During the course, the most frequent consumer complaints about the quality of surfaces and possible reasons for their failure to meet customer expectations are studied. The basic techniques of work with complaints are given, ready scripts of answers to widespread questions are offered.
In general, the course allows you to competently and argumentatively present to consumers the benefits of furniture products in the decoration of which the company «Europroject» paintwork materials are used.
Training on the developed course was first held for managers of the company «Furniture Facades Factory» on November 29.
The company is one of the market leaders in the production of MDF facades in Belarus.
«Furniture Facades Factory» is an official partner of TrueFactory program, which allowed it to get the course for free and in the field format. The course was held on the territory of the company, at a convenient time for employees. The training program has received a lot of positive feedback, and the company «Europroject Center» Ltd. was thanked.