TahoAuto: how to come up with your own materials and improve your production process

TahoAuto has been providing services for more than 10 years in the field of aluminium profile lamination, PVC profile lamination, seamless sandwich panel and window sill lamination.

TahoAuto + VOTTELER = 6 solved tasks

The main task of Europroject Center was to solve a number of production problems of the client, accumulated over the years. The main bet was made on the products of VOTTELER brand, which specializes in the development, production and sale of paints and coatings for plastics, glass, aluminum, wood and wood-based materials. The work involves enamels for PVC window profile VARIOPUR PLUS 33800, which are easy to use pigmented system to create light-resistant coatings with high strength, provide good adhesion (including on glass).

As a result of cooperation with the Europroject Center and with the help of VOTTELER products, the following tasks have been solved at TahoAuto:

  • The technologies of PVC profile painting with sealing gum are developed and implemented.
  • Debugged technologies of anodized and pure aluminum profile painting.
  • A method of staining the «capricious» Veka PVC profile has been found and introduced (over time, adhesion has deteriorated in some parts of the profile).
  • The technology of colouring PVC handles, window sill plugs, buttonhole plugs has been developed and implemented.
  • The technology of painting PVC profiles and fittings with a brush or a roller has been developed and tested.
  • Offer and sale to the client of a painting gun for manual painting of profiles (previously the client used a cheap gun with high consumption of paintwork and low result of painting).

Now the client has many joint development plans with Europroject Center.