Chief technologist of the company made a detailed presentation of Q-Refinish aerosol products for EPIO Europroject Ukraine (Colormarket, Colormarket Auto networks and their partners).
During the two-day training, participants were provided with full technical information on the range of Q-Refinish aerosols. During the practical part of the presentation the advantages of the products were shown.
Aerosols of TM «Q-Refinish» are presented with a wide range of products. This allows you to close all stages of auto repair. Against this background, the listeners had many professional questions and even disputes.

Is it worth overpaying?

When the priority is the speed of work, convenient in use aerosols from TM «Q-Refinish» is a logical choice.
Let’s give you an example. At performance of standard autorepair it is necessary to use measuring container, a sieve, mix a paintwork and use a sprayer. After — washing all the equipment. It takes time and money.
In this case, it is advisable to use Q-Refinish aerosols, which will provide effective results without wasting time.

How do Q-Refinish sprays work and when to use them?

It is recommended to implement them in the process of work with minor repairs of body parts.

With Q-Refinish aerosols, you can:

— Degrease and clean — «60-015 Silicone Remover Surface Cleaner, 400 ml».
— Convert Rust — «40-600 Rust Converter, 400 ml».
— Apply adhesive layer on plastic — «40-590 Plastic Primer, 400 ml».
— Primer small damages — «40-505 Primer Profi Fillprimer, 400 ml; 40-55 Primer High Build Primer, 500 ml».
— Insulate old paintwork materials and create anti-corrosion protection at prototyping sites — «40-515 Primer Epoxy Primer, 400 ml».
— Paint surface — «70-440 Solvent Prefill Spray, 400 ml».
— Apply a layer of varnish — «70-450-0400 One-component transparent varnish 1K Clearcoat, 400 ml».
— Blur the border of old and new lacquer — «70-460 Transition Solvent Spray, 400ml».

Instead of conclusion

Thus, the aerosol group of TM «Q-Refinish» easily copes with the set tasks, saves time, money and makes it possible to quickly and qualitatively achieve the desired result.