How was the «Smart Export» conference

On January 23, a conference on Smart Export was held. During the event, practical knowledge was gained in the field of furniture export, a review of the market for exporting furniture products and target markets for the export of Ukrainian furniture. The requirements for exported products and history from experienced exporters were considered.

Speakers and main themes

Andriy Goncharuk, Director of Logistics Department of MODERN-EXPO company, with which Europroject has been working since 2015, and Pavel Pisnoy, owner of Daleth Group, which has been engaged in international transport logistics and customs clearance of goods for over 10 years, shared their knowledge and experience.
On the board were issues of standards of product packaging for export, organization of export logistics — the choice of delivery schemes to the buyer and their implementation (how to build the delivery process, what options for logistics schemes to use). Another relevant topic was raised, which is devoted to the basic aspects of customs regulations, documents and procedures necessary for exporting products to the EU.
Experts of the Canada-Ukraine Trade and Investment Support Project (CUTIS) focused on market trends and consumer preferences, regulatory requirements and labeling, peculiarities of Canadian business culture, voluntary certification, gender-sensitive marketing.

A workshop on the theme: «Branding is all ours, isn’t it?»

January 24, representatives of «Europroject Ukraine» visited a workshop on the theme «Branding — our everything, isn’t it?». In this context, a rally was held on January 24 on why the positioning of the company in the modern world is of great importance.

What were the speakers talking about?

Olga Royenko — creative businesswoman, CEO of Royenko Agency, lecturer of the author’s course on marketing communications at SMEA school, answered the question why business should be creative.
Anastasiya Biletska, co-founder of the MAINO project, who is the organizer and media coordinator of a number of international projects related to the participation of Ukrainian designers in industrial exhibitions, design weeks, art projects and other collaborations, told about where to find the keys to the company’s branding and why companies should become brands in general. She is also the brand’s treasury for the promotion of Ukrainian creative manufacturers — Ukrainian design brands.
Artem Zubkevich (Varensia Manufacture), designer, branding consultant, co-founder of Berry & Robby brand agency, brand director of Varenycia Manufacture, also shared his knowledge and experience.
The workshop was organized as part of a training project to prepare Ukrainian furniture makers for the first Byer furniture exhibition Furniture of Ukraine Business Expo, which will be held from 7 to 9 April 2020.