On January 15, Vitaly Prokopyev, Chief Technologist of EPIO Industrial, made a presentation of new products in Brant range for ART Industry.

More info about Brant

Brant — a line of wood paints and varnishes.
The distinctive feature of Brant materials is that they have a strictly basic set of properties that solve all standard tasks of wood finishing. The absence of a set of rarely used and specific properties of materials in this range ensures the competitiveness of products compared to their counterparts.

Which products were the most interesting?

During the presentation, practical recommendations were given on how to work with the product and further use by customers, and some samples were painted.
Colleagues from Moscow were most interested in the following products:
BP70.00.00 — Primer-isolant for MDF products
BP77.00.00 — PU liquid filler for furniture
BP33.01.00 — Pigmented PU primer for doors
PG50.00.00 — PU high gloss lacquer
TP51.01.15 — White PU varnish for doors
This is only a part of the brand products, which continues to actively develop. Today Brant has more than 30 items of polyurethane, polyester, acrylic and nitrocellulose primers and lacquers.