• сфера покрытий

Program to develop enterprises in the coatings business

A professional community, an industry standard, a program for integrated cooperation of partners in making end products out of wood.

Values for brands

  • Access to the target audience
  • Educational content for specific products and its inclusion into the knowledge base on the TF
  • Programs on training how to work with products
  • Development of selling stories for products
  • Increasing sales of the brand products by improving the loyalty of companies that subscribe to the TF
  • Tools to evaluate the competence of product distributors
  • Tool to interact with public sector organizations to influence the market

Values for regional partners of the program

  • Exhaustive systematized information about products partner brands, technologies for working with them
    selling stories for products
  • A smoothly operating system to train process engineers, managers, shop assistants
  • Tools to test the qualification of process engineers, managers, shop assistants
  • Certified experts in specific branches
  • Human resources – tools to promote products on the market (catalogs, videos, seminars)
  • Tool to interact with public sector organizations to influence the market
  • Use of the image weight of the project

Values for companies

  • Warranty for products (coatings)
  • Interrelated benefits
  • higher quality of products
  • cost optimization
  • services for the technological support and development
  • assistance with retooling, introduction of new technologies
  • personnel reserve
  • marketing partnership
  • design consulting and product choice expansion
  • sharing of the best practices and a startup program for novice businesses

Program website: truefactory.expert