• Virtual reality in the industrial sector
USA, Belarus

Virtual reality in the industrial sector

A VR simulator to demonstrate and train how to use technologies and materials, paint wood, metal, plastic, perform automobile repairs.

The main consumers: sales managers, process engineers, dealers and clients, and so on.


  • correct selection of technologies and materials for
    painting various surfaces and products
  • correct mixing of components
  • selection and tuning of painting equipment
  • correct pretreatment of surfaces
  • drying of products, application of paints and
    varnishes, quality inspection

The value of our product

  • Scaling of training centers
  • Improvement of training stages
  • Online training: money saved on training organization, flights, accommodation, catering, shorter time away from the job
  • Examination of students
  • Presentation of new products – a large-scale online presentation in all the centers and representative offices at the same time
  • Innovative advantages. Our products help create a “wow” effect among clients and competitors at expos