Traffic Manager

Slon Media
Беларусь, Минск


  • Plan, develop, and implement comprehensive paid media strategies to increase brand visibility and recognition, and drive new user acquisition and leads via paid Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat campaigns.
  • Conduct thorough brand and website audits to understand our clients’ key value proposition, core products, brand aesthetic, and identify opportunities to successfully market them and make them stand out in the marketplace.
  • Manage between 5-15 paid media accounts on behalf of Slon Media clients
  • Utilize Facebook Ads Manager and Google Analytics to develop insights and action items intended to increase our clients’ revenues month-over-month.
  • Conduct competitive research and macro-level research to stay informed on fluctuations and changes in the industry and environment that could impact the overall success of paid media campaigns.
  • Identify and select the best alternative paid social channel or medium for an advertising campaign (outside of Facebook or Instagram) based on an in-depth market analysis, including audience demographics, media usage, ratings, etc.
  • Monitoring purchased media to ensure that the advertisements appear as planned across Facebook and Instagram newsfeed
  • Compiling daily, weekly, monthly, and lifetime reports with key performance metrics in Data Studio to quantify results and communicate findings and insights to the client.
  • Preparing advertising schedules and timelines for client onboarding, campaign launch, and ongoing account optimization and maintenance.
  • Developing advertisement copy for Facebook and Instagram campaigns with the ultimate objective of generating action, interest and/or engagement from the targeted audience.
  • Preparing design assets for paid media campaigns in Photoshop by sourcing images, resizing images, and placing text overlay, logos, and iconography on the images.
Skills and Experience:
  • 1+ years of related work in media planning, buying, and analysis with budgets exceeding $100k annually — ideally, with Facebook campaigns
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent preferred
  • A comprehensive understanding of Facebook’s ad auction, general advertising ecosystem, best practices, bid and optimization strategies, and campaign objectives
  • Strong understanding of Google Analytics from an eCommerce view Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and Google Drive
  • Analyzed and reported on digital media accounts and campaign trends in current or previous role
  • Proven track record of retaining paid media accounts and success in growing and scaling Facebook campaign budgets in current/previous efforts
  • Strong work ethic
  • Demonstrated problem-solving capabilities in a client-facing role.
  • Professional and respectful demeanor in dealing with internal and external business partners
  • Effective time management in a professional setting
  • Collaborate effectively in a team environment
  • Integrity and optimism, regardless of the situation
  • Use information, data, and resources to proactively identify and solve problems to get the job done
Контактное лицо
Vadim Kheifets, СМО