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Digital marketing for product and business


EPIO creates promotion campaigns of your products throughout popular media channels. Social media is an effective tool for building trust between the brand and the consumer. EPIO knows exactly how to find your target audience and gather its attention.

The result you get:

  • Growing number of quality customers and further increased profits ;
  • Direct and quick in contacting channels with a bigger target audience;
  • Reduction of the total marketing cost;
  • Fast return on start-up expenses due to the efficient communication with the market.


Going and promoting online is the fastest and most effective way to expand your business in a short period of time. Effective marketing solutions, increased market shares, and profit growth of industrial and commercial B2B companies are the new reality for everyone who has trusted EPIO and brought their businesses online.

The result you get:

  • Access to new target audiences and new sales channels;
  • Increased profits and rapid launch of new products / brands on the market;
  • Outpacing competitors through the use of advanced technologies in promotion;
  • Taking business to E-commerce model and increasing sales through an easy access to international markets;
  • Marketing costs reduction and fast return on start-up expenses.


86% of all communication is perceived through the eyes, which is why any brand needs a coherent and stylish packaging. A reassuring design that communicates your values will firmly connect both emotional and rational choice factors. High loyalty, recognition on the market, lower advertising costs – these are just a few advantages of the quality branding.

The result you get:

  • Brand image development and further higher pricing request, accordingly;
  • Increased target audience interest to the brand online;
  • Stable growth of loyal customers.


EPIO unites your target audience in a unique media community. With relevant content and effective brand promotion, the team will achieve an increased audience engagement and product improvement. 

The result you get:

  • High audience engagement;
  • A flexible and effective marketing strategy: the right content at the right time in the right place for your specific business needs;
  • Products’ feedback from professionals;
  • Expert positioning on the market due to the relevant content;
  • Additional sales promotion through linking communities with E-commerce resources.

Service providers:

  • SLON MediaSLON Media is a full-service marketing and video production company.
  • TrueFactoryPartnership program aimed at creating an eco-system for effective interactions between brand-manufacturers’ of materials and equipment, brands’ distributor companies, and client businesses.

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