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Coating Systems and Technologies. Leading importer of high-tech coating materials, equipment for the preparation and painting of all types of surfaces, as well as related supply materials.

What does company specialises in:

01Engineering of paint shopsAll kinds of paint coatings, abrasives, polishes, related materials, equipment and tools
02Technical and service supportConsultation and selection of technical solutions for the preparation and coating of various types of surfaces
03Audit and production automatizationAudit and production automatization, where the preparation and coating of any type of surfaces is involved as a part of the technological processes
04Organization and implementation of successful retail business modelsOrganization and implementation of successful retail business models for the preparation and coatings of various types of surfaces.

About the company:

Importer of paint coatings, equipment, tools and accessories in Kazakhstan.

Company specialises in problem solutions of:
  • Industrial preparation and coatings of woods;
  • Engineering of paint shops;
  • Equipment and tools supply for the body repair, woodworking and steelwork segments.

The business scope covers nearly all areas associated with the preparation and coating of all types of surfaces:

  • Woodworking and furnishings;
  • Steelwork; 
  • Auto repair and coating of commercial, military and freight vehicles; 
  • Engineering. 
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