Epio Group

We’ve been successfully developing and launching sophisticated projects for 25 years in 8 countries and in the following areas:


Business solutions in the sphere of surface coatings

We create and launch products in the sphere of coatings starting with the production of paints and varnishes and sophisticated engineering solutions and ending with marketing and training programs.

Companies and brands per business area
  • EPIO Engineering
  • Chemie Armor
  • TrueFactory
Companies and brands per business area


EPIO is a group of companies specializing in coatings. It comprises 10 structures in 8 regions, 7 key competences, and a vast network of partners. We’ve implemented a total of 254 projects in 8 countries across the globe.

We have developed proprietary trade and manufacturing spheres in the industrial sector, engineering, consulting, finance, and IT. By working on various markets, we have been able to generate unique values and approaches to work while diversification and internal projects have resulted in positive investment experience.

Today’s EPIO is an association of companies, reliable partners, and experts in various economy branches and regions. We constantly grow and are always on the lookout for areas able to provide the foundation for new businesses and projects.

Company timeline Игорь Долгун Key people
projects implemented in 8 countries